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The Creation Of Iconic Images

Terry Winn has been creating iconic photographs for over twenty five years, Subsequent tutorials with master photographers from around the world in all aspects of photography taught him the technical skills necessary to create timeless images and earn a national and international reputation for his photography.

But excellent photography is created from something other than just technical skills. It is the ability to 'see' images in the mind and the anticipation to capture those moments instantly.

Terry is well respected for this as well as the ability to help clients feel at ease so that their personality and essence is captured. 

This combination of experience doesn't come from a weekend tutorial or even a year at photography school, but from years of trying new ideas and creating thousands of images so that the knowledge gained can be easily utilised in each photography session.

He is committed to providing the highest level of service and has always been regarded with high esteem both by his clients and peers.

Numerous national and international awards over many years is an indication of how well received Terry's images are, but the greatest accolade for Terry is the joy and appreciation from his clients when they view their images.

Terry has published six books, including a celebration of New Zealand grandparents titled 'Granddad’s Grandma’s Nanna’s and Poppa’s'.

'Tranquillity', an inspirational book, was released  by New Holland Publishing in Australia, UK and New Zealand.
'Lifes' a Beach' was also published by New Holland Publishing.

'Healing Moments from Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch  included images from Terry which accompanied quotes from the multi million selling "Conversations with God " book series.

'Market Day, a taste of life at New Zealand Farmers Markets' was also successful.

His images have been published by Hallmark Greeting Cards International, 

U.K. Greetings London and Graphique de France ( Boston and Paris ) as calendars and greetings cards.


         Awarded Fellowship Of New Zealand Institute of Photography with 3 gold bars.
    •    Recipient of the International Agfa Photokina Portrait Award presented in Cologne, Germany.
    •    Winner of the inaugural Trans Tasman Photographic Award presented in Canberra, Australia.
    •    One of his images was selected for the worldwide publication and exhibition by M.I.L.K called 'Friendship; a Celebration of Humanity'.
    •    An image was selected for the cover of the International publication by M.I L.K. titled 'Our Beautiful Children'.
    •    Another image was selected for the  worldwide publication by M.I.L.K. titled 'Friendship, Family, Love and Laughter'.
    •    Former Chairman and judge of the NZ Institute of Professional Photographers Honours committee.
    •    Exhibited 'Caring Moments' exhibition at Te Papa Wellington, a tribute to New Zealand Carers.

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